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Knak + Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a popular digital asset management (DAM). It’s used to manage all your digital assets in one place so if something changes like your logo design, it is easy to replace all instances. The integration between AEM and Knak allows you to access digital assets and use them in your Knak designed assets. This ensures consistency across all your platforms.

What It Does

The integration between Knak and Adobe Experience Manager allows you to improve your workflow by accessing and managing digital assets:

  • Sync AEM assets with Knak: Users can browse and select digital assets from Knak’s platform making it simple to use approved assets in your marketing campaigns
  • Streamline content creation by providing users with access to all the assets they need to design and build marketing assets

Key Features

  • API Access to Adobe Experience Manager’s DAM means you access your asset library directly from Knak.
  • Integration focused on DAM and unidirectional asset sharing, where users can access certain assets in Knak
  • Direct link between DAM capabilities and Knak’s asset creation
  • Access to renditions of assets in Adobe Experiance Manager

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