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Knak + Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is an omnichannel marketing platform that provides a unified view of your customer interactions. Knak’s integration with Adobe Campaign supports features of both Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Campaign Classic. Build campaign-ready emails in Knak and then import them into Adobe Campaign Classic using the API integration or using manual HTML import for Adobe Campaign Standard.

What It Does

Knak’s integration with Adobe Campaign simplifies the campaign creation process by offering the following functionality:

  • API sync integration for classic allows for direct upload of emails created in Knak
  • Manual integration for Standard allows users to design emails in Knak and transfer designed content
  • Manage the campaign asset creation process in Knak, leveraging brand approvals, no-code design tools, and streamlined email creation workflows

Key Features

Adobe Campaign Classic

  • Seamless syncing through API integration allows for direct upload of email assets from the Knak platform directly to Adobe Campaign
  • Sync uploads HTML to Adobe Campaign, including:
    • Subject Line
    • Preheader text
    • From and reply-to values
    • Plain text

Adobe Campaign Standard

  • Manual content transfer allows for design of emails in Knak and upload to Adobe Campaign Standard
  • HTML and CSS used to build the email works seamlessly with Adobe Campaign

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