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Knak + Acoustic


Acoustic is a customer engagement platform designed for marketers looking to understand and optimize their customer journey. Knak’s integration with Acoustic allows you to create assets like landing pages and emails and sync them directly to your Acoustic account. Once set up, the integration allows for users to design emails in Knak and send to Acoustic, ready for distribution.

What It Does

  • Use Knak’s no-code tools to design and build marketing assets like emails and landing pages
  • Collaborate and get approvals for assets in Knak using a logical campaign creation workflow
  • Sync emails and landing pages from Knak into Acoustic with a single click

Key Features

  • API integration enables a direct connection between Knak’s campaign creation and management tools and your Acoustic account
  • Knak’s no-code tools let users design beautiful marketing assets and get them approved before syncing them to Acoustic
  • Once synced, assets created in Knak can be distributed to your target audiences within Acoustic

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