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What is a Survey Email?

A survey email is sent to collect information or feedback on a particular subject. This could be market research, customer satisfaction surveys, net promoter score, or other surveys.

Who uses Survey Emails?

Organizations use survey emails to gather information from respondents such as customers, prospects, or employees. The design and content of the survey email will vary depending on the type of survey and the intended audience. It’s common to offer some incentive or reward for participation.

What to include in a Survey Email?

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a survey email. Here are some of the email elements to consider.

Email Design Element

Best Practices

Send Time

Send the email at a time when your recipients are most likely to open the email, such as on weekdays during business hours.


Use a recognizable and trustworthy sender name and email address.

Subject Line

Use action-oriented language to convey the benefit of signing up. It should accurately convey the purpose of the survey and entice the recipient to open the email.

Preview Text

Briefly highlights what’s in it for the recipient to open and complete the survey.

Body Content

Brief introduction to the survey and its purpose. Clear instructions on how to access and complete the survey.

Call-to-action (CTA)

Your call-to-action (CTA) should be prominently displayed and encourage recipients to take the survey. Use action-oriented language, such as "Take the Survey" or "Share Your Feedback," and make sure the CTA is easy to click on.


Use the recipient's name.


Use the brand logo in recommended resolution; use brand fonts and colour scheme.


Standard branded footer with email, telephone, and full address. Provide clear contact information in case the user needs assistance with their interaction.

Anatomy of a Survey Email

Let’s look at an example from The New York Times.

Anatomy-The New York Times

Survey Email Examples

Real-world examples from some of the world’s top brands. Each example has been built in Knak, which means you can use it to get inspired for your emails. - Product Feedback Survey invites customers to provide feedback to improve the product.

What works well:

Wild - Market Research Survey

Wild using an interactive email design to collect market research.

What works well:


Headspace - Product Survey

Headspace uses light branding and tone to create a compelling product survey email.

What works well:


The New York Times - Feedback Survey

The New York Times survey email uses a minimal design to draw attention to the button CTA.

What works well:

Example-The New York Times
Knak Example-Knak

Knak - Net Promoter Survey

Knak provides an interactive email design that allows users to complete the survey within the email.

What works well:

Creating emails - like this one - takes less than 22 minutes*


*on average for Enterprise customers

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