More than a monthly email, top brands turn newsletter emails into authentic brand moments for subscribers.

What is a Newsletter Email?

A newsletter email is sent regularly to subscribers, such as a weekly or monthly newsletter. These emails contain promotional and educational material, like industry news, tips, product updates, and special offers.

Who uses Newsletter Emails?

Email newsletters may be one of the most commonly used (and effective) email content types. Newsletters are used to regularly connect with subscribers, ideally nurturing subscribers to paying customers by building trust over time. Any brand or individual can start sending an email newsletter.

What to include in a Newsletter Email?

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a newsletter email. Here are some of the email elements to consider.

Email Design Element

Best Practices

Send Time

Send each newsletter at approximately the same time each week or month. For example, every Tuesday at 9:00 AM. Also, consider the timezone of your subscribers.


Use a recognizable and trustworthy sender name and email address.

Subject Line

Clear and attention-grabbing subject line that highlights the newsletter's value.

Preview Text

Summary of email, a teaser of what’s inside.

Body Content

Keep the content short, engaging, and relevant. Use images, videos, and bullet points to break up text and make it easier to read. Include links to relevant articles, products, or services.

Call-to-action (CTA)

Includes a clear and prominent CTA that encourages subscribers to take action, such as clicking a link, making a purchase, or signing up for a service.


Use the recipient's name.


Use the brand logo in recommended resolution; use brand fonts and colour scheme.


Standard branded footer with email, telephone, and full address. Provide clear contact information in case the user needs assistance with their interaction.

Anatomy of a Newsletter email

Let’s look at an example from Zapier.


Newsletter Email Examples

Real-world examples from some of the world’s top brands. Each example has been built in Knak, which means you can use it to get inspired for your emails.

Figma - Marketing Newsletter

Figma’s June 2022 email marketing newsletter.

What works well:


Intercom - Weekly Marketing Newsletter

Intercom’s Inside Intercom weekly newsletter.

What works well:


Slack - Admin Updates

Slack March 2021 product update for Administrators.

What works well:


Zapier - Zapier Blog Newsletter

Zapier’s newsletter supports the Zapier blog.

What works well:

Example- Zapier

Newsletter Email FAQ

What is a newsletter email?

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What should I include in the footer of my newsletter email?

How can I measure the success of my newsletter email campaign?

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