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Getting More Out of Knak: A Best-in-Class Security Partnership with Cysiv

Security has always been a priority at Knak. We work with global enterprises, including several Fortune 500 and 100 organizations, and when they entrust their information to us, they need to know that the information they have stored on Knak is safe – from the competition and from hackers. 

As the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Knak, I’m responsible for the people and technology behind our SaaS platform, including the code, infrastructure, security, and reliability of our application. Security is a critical part of what we offer our clients, and we take pride in being able to give them peace of mind knowing that we are always on top of it. 

However, security requirements are constantly evolving, so to strengthen our product security, we partner with Cysiv, a full-service, next generation enterprise security organization.

A Priority Since the Beginning

Security has been part of our DNA from the outset. We knew our core market would be enterprise companies, so we implemented security best practices from the very beginning (always a better idea than trying to implement them after the fact). 

We also knew that our expertise didn’t lie in cybersecurity. We are an email creation platform, and we wanted to be able to play to our strengths while making the customer experience a top priority. Cysiv allows us to do that by handling the heavy lifting around security and giving our customers peace of mind. 

What Cysiv is Doing

Cysiv is proving a range of services for Knak, including: 

  • 24/7 security monitoring for our application by experts with a track record of working with large enterprises
  • Ongoing penetration testing to ensure that our application isn’t vulnerable to an attack
  • Advanced security training for everyone in the Knak organization so all of us are aware of security measures and best practices

We have always limited the amount of information we gather to what is absolutely necessary for us to deliver our service, so if a cyber attack were to occur, the disruption to our organization would be minimal. However, it would be incredibly damaging to the trust we’ve built with our clients. 

We are thrilled to have a partner like Cysiv that connects easily to our platform, scales with us, and deliver best-in-class security to our clients. Their expertise has been invaluable, and our partnership with them demonstrates that security is something we place high value on. 

Plus, since they’re handling the security of our application, we’re able to devote our internal resources to things we’re best at – helping teams create incredible on-brand emails and launch their campaigns quickly.  

“Cysiv gives us, and our Fortune-100 and other enterprise customers, the confidence that our SaaS Email Creation Platform and our business are protected by world-class security. This allows us to focus more resources on further enhancing our platform, providing our customers more value, and growing the company.” Pat Proux, CTO, Knak

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