Knak gets four “Leader” rankings in Fall 2022 G2 reports

The G2 Fall 2022 quarterly reports are out, and on top of maintaining nearly all of our Summer 2022 rankings, we’ve now moved up in a few categories!

G2 has over 60 million annual users (including Fortune 500 employees) who trust the software marketplace platform to help decide what software to use. There, they can find genuine peer reviews of thousands of software and B2B companies.

Their quarterly rankings reports are based on customer reviews from their user community, along with aggregated data from other sources and social networks.

We’re so proud to have cracked some leadership positions this time around. So, here’s how we did!

Knak’s Fall 2022 G2 awards

Since Knak is all about empowering marketers to be creative and helping make their lives easier, our campaign creation solution includes both email and landing page builder categories. In those categories, we are within the top 8 positions for all of our new “Leader” rankings, where we were previously ranked “High Performer.”

Email Template Builder Software

Here are the awards we received in the G2 Fall 2022 reports for Email Template Builder Software: 

  • Enterprise Leader, Americas (new!)
  • Leader, Mid-Market (new!)
  • High performer, Sector-wide
  • High performer, Small Business
  • Momentum Leader

Landing Page Builder Software

These are the awards we received in the G2 Fall 2022 reports for Landing Page Builder Software: 

  • Momentum Leader (new!)
  • High performer, Sector-wide
  • High performer, Mid-Market
  • High performer, Enterprise
  • Easiest to Do Business With, Sector-wide (only one platform gets this per category!)

We also got a “Users Love Us” badge, provided to companies with a high number of ratings of an average of 4 stars or more.

We’re extremely excited to add a few “Leader” badges to our score list. It’s great news that Knak is climbing the rankings, and it’s only up from here!

Learn more about what real users have to say (or leave your own review of Knak) on G2’s Knak review page.

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