The 2022 State of the Marketing Ops Professional Report is out

The world of marketing ops is changing. 

A changing marketplace, global pandemic, and budget cuts have pushed businesses to put a greater emphasis on their operations to improve productivity and engagement.

In the marketing space, this is where the marketing operations professional (or MO Pros!) comes in. While roles vary from company to company, the MO Pro is often someone who manages the marketing tech stack and the data from it.

The future is looking bright with more titles like VP of Marketing Ops, better campaign efficiencies, and tech integrations. But what exactly are professionals doing to reach their goals? 

Knak teamed up with MarketingOps and Adobe to dive into these questions (and more) to create the 2022 State of the Marketing Ops Professional. The results were from a survey of over 550 marketing ops professionals in different stages of their careers and across 20 different industries.

You can find it on the MarketingOps website now.

A well-rounded study

The study takes on a micro and macro view of the marketing ops profession and covers these topics:

  • Marketing ops job titles, salaries, and team sizes
  • Top marketing ops priorities, KPIs, and roadblocks
  • Tech stack and tools marketing ops pros are using
  • What the future looks like for marketing ops professionals
  • Resources for marketing ops pros

It also shows how some of the key findings have changed or evolved from previous years. For example, over 15% more companies now have a dedicated marketing ops individual or team compared to 2021.

Check out the 2022 State of the Marketing Ops Professional Report for more insights! 

P.S. We also hosted a webinar with Mike Rizzo, founder of MarketingOps and our very own Kacyn Goranson, VP of Growth Marketing from Knak to discuss some of the findings. You can watch it here.

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