How does Knak save you time and money?

Campaign creation processes in organizations are often managed by an agency, expensive in-house technical talent, or a combination of the two. The time it takes to hand-code campaigns is immense. Multiple technical tools and hand-offs are often required, creating long wait times, and inflated billable hours from agencies. Time and money increase with every step, and the opportunity cost is high – since these resources could be doing many other high-value tasks, like focusing on strategy, or conducting coveted AB testing and analyzing the results. 

Find out how Knak can help you streamline your campaign creation process to save you time and money:  

Save Time and Gain Efficiencies

Knak allows campaign creation to be done with no code by ANY marketer. Emails and landing pages can be reviewed, approved, edited, optimized – and tested – all in the same platform, cutting process and hand-off time dramatically. 

Knak reduces the work that is typically placed on marketing operations teams, developers, and agencies, freeing them up for more strategic initiatives.

  • DISH Networks cut in half the days it took to create emails.  

  • A study on 95,000 assets created in Knak showed that the average time it takes to create and edit an email/landing page in Knak is 22 minutes compared to days, hours or weeks using in-house dev teams or agencies.

Save Money

Many organizations use in-house technical talent or agencies to create their campaigns. How do we compare?

  • In-house email developers take an average of 10 hours to code an email.  In a 40-hour week, the developer can code up to 10 emails per week. At an average salary of $100K for a developer, this means an email costs $1,923.00. 

  • Agencies often charge $10,000 – $80,000 for ONE template

  • Knak allows multiple marketers to create unlimited emails at a single cost – much lower than in-house developers and a fraction of the cost of an agency.

  • It can be noted that with Knak, you also get landing page creation so you increase your cost-efficiency tremendously by using our platform and adding a whole new asset category to your team’s skill set.

Reach KPI and Revenue Goals with better campaigns out to market

  • Breakthrough Campaigns with Creativity
    Marketers can often be stifled by complex processes. When marketers have the ability to be creative in a codeless platform, they create freely in minutes and have more time to create multiple versions for testing, improvement and refinement  – unleashing breakthrough campaigns that change the game.

  • Conversion
    With an increased ability to be creative, test, and refine emails, customers report that their conversion rates increase dramatically:
  • Volume
    With unlimited email creation ability by any marketing team member and no coding required, campaign volume increases dramatically. A single user was able to create and send 1,866 separate emails per year using Knak.

  • Maintenance
    The underlying code for themes built in Knak is maintained by Knak. If Apple or Android decide to update their OS, the Knak code will update themes so the next time there is a sync, any potential rendering issues that would have been introduced won’t see the light of day.

  • Team Happiness
    Marketers often enter the marketing field to be creative. However, the complexity of systems has caused their jobs to be very process-driven with form-filling activities. Knak empowers marketers to be creative and reclaim the passion they have for marketing. 

  • Self-Service
    It can be scary for marketing operations teams to consider self-service. However, Knak provides many guardrails to allow self-service for the creation, review, approval, optimization, and testing of emails and landing pages within a controlled environment:
    • Brand guardrails: you can manage brand guardrails for your team to safeguard the brand that you’ve built. Fonts, images, logos, and colours, are just a few areas that can be easily controlled for all users.
    • De-Risking your Marketing Automation Platform: members of your creative team don’t require access to your marketing automation platform – this access can be limited to those who truly have to work with the data.
    • Collaboration and Approvals: reviews and approvals are all done in one spot. This ensures there is a balance between creativity and control, and that those who need to be involved in the process are included through streamlined efficiency.

Knak can provide cost and time savings to enterprise organizations that are struggling with campaign creation costs and efficiencies.  By empowering marketers to be creative and participate more in the process of campaign creation, organizations can also find improved levels of happiness within their teams and a higher level of creativity in marketing campaigns which can deliver better higher-converting campaigns.

To determine how much time and cost you can save by using Knak, try the Knak-onomics ROI Calculator.

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