New Free Template offering

We no longer offer our templates app, but we think you'll love our new custom template offering.

Yes, that's right - we will make a free custom template to your specs instead of being bound to specific samples. Find out how and request your custom template.

Find out how

  • Marketo email templates

    Marketo Email Templates

    We can create custom Marketo email templates and landing pages that are fully integrated with Marketo.

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  • Eloqua email templates

    Eloqua Email Templates

    We can create free custom email templates and landing pages built specifically for Eloqua.

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Custom-branded campaign-ready email templates

  • Marketo email templates

    Fully Branded

    Put our brand generator to work for your company. This tool automatically pulls brand assets into your templates including logo, colours, and fonts.

  • Marketo email templates

    Fully Responsive

    Our landing page and email templates make your newsletters look great on any device. Browse a selection of over 50 free templates.

  • Marketo email templates

    Campaign Ready

    Your free email templates can be directly synced to your Marketo or Eloqua account, no HTML experience required.

Stop wasting time and money on hand-coded templates

Graduate from templates

With Knak — our easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder — anyone can create fully-custom branded emails and landing pages without any coding experience. Sync emails directly to your marketing automation platform through full integration with Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, and more. Plus, our platform enables multiple employees, teams, and departments to team up for email marketing campaign planning and creation through workflows, approvals, and collaboration tools.

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Get a demo and discover how visionary marketers use Knak to speed up their campaign creation.

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