Board of Advisors

Knak was founded to make Marketers’ lives easier, and we’ve been finding innovative ways to make that happen since day one. In that same spirit of innovation, we’ve invited some incredible business and marketing pioneers to join our Board of Advisors and help us stay true to our vision as we grow.

Introducing the men and women who have the insight, experience, and passion to keep our team on mission and our innovation on point.

Robert Ashe,

Advisory Board Member, Georgian Partners

Robert Ashe is the former President and CEO of Cognos Inc. First appointed President in 2002 and CEO in 2004, he held both roles until the company was acquired by IBM in 2007 for $4.9 billion, IBM’s largest software acquisition to date. After the acquisition, Mr. Ashe served as IBM’s General Manager of Business Analytics for several years.

Currently, he is a director of ServiceSource International, Inc., MSCI, Inc., Shopify, and Halogen Software, Inc.

Mr. Ashe holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from the University of Ottawa and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario.

Leah MacMillan,

Chief Marketing Officer, Trend Micro

As CMO at Trend Micro, Leah MacMillan is responsible for all aspects of global marketing strategy and operations, including driving brand awareness for the organization and the solutions it offers. She is passionate about high-tech innovation and storytelling, and these interests have fueled a successful career that included senior positions at Entrust and Cognos, and, more recently, an executive position at IBM.

Ms. MacMillan holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and International Business from McGill University.

Mychelle Mollot,

Chief Marketing Officer, Solace

Mychelle Mollot is the CMO at Solace, where she is responsible for all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy and operations. Prior to her role at Solace, Mychelle served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Klipfolio and as Vice President and CMO for the WebSphere and Business Analytics divisions of IBM, where she launched the Smarter Analytics component of IBM’s Smarter Planet.

Ms. Mollot holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Geophysics from Queen’s University.

Pascal St. Jean,

Co-Founder at STAND Advisors & TEC Canada Chair

Pascal St. Jean is a born entrepreneur, innovator, and life-long learner. His remarkable business achievements have earned him a respected reputation as a passionate leader, visionary, and advisor.

Pascal is the founder of many successful ventures, including Picsphere and Citadel Rock Communities, Inc., and he serves as a strategic advisor to many start-up businesses in the Ottawa region. His current focus is to establish Ottawa as a tech and business hub by championing local businesses and their leaders.

Mr. St. Jean holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa.