Welcome Kassia Clifford and Brady Riordan

Knak is happy to welcome two new members to the team! Introducing Kassia Clifford, Security and Compliance Manager, and Brady Riordan, Developer. 

Kassia is a Cybersecurity Interpreter with 15 years of experience leveraging technology to influence sales and service strategies. She comes to Knak from similar roles at an awareness training and risk mitigation scale-up based in Atlantic Canada, a penetration testing firm in Ottawa, and a compliance automation company in California. 

Kassia is passionate about helping individuals and teams improve their security posture, but when she’s not at work, you can find her hiking, on her yoga mat, or hanging out with friends and family.  

Brady Riordan is a full stack developer with experience in a variety of front- and back-end technologies. He is proud to have used his knowledge of technology and software to help small organizations grow to their full potential. 

He loves to take on side projects in his spare time, but when he’s not working on one of those, he’s usually playing sports, riding his bike, and playing with his son.

Welcome to Knak, Kassia and Brady!

Kimberley Brooks is Knak's resident HR Business Partner. Kim brings a wide range of experience to our team, from event coordination and production to Supply Chain management and logistics, but her true passions like in HR and company culture. When she's not at Knak, Kim loves to read, be outdoors, and spend time with her husband and son.

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