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Welcome Josh Coquelle and Zan Talukder

The Knak team is growing again, and we’re happy to welcome two new members to our staff. 

Josh Coquelle is joining our dev team as Senior Developer. He comes to Knak from a Senior Software Developer role at Canada Drives and is a driven, programmatic problem solver who enjoys crafting robust, scalable user interfaces and web applications. 

Before entering the world of software development, Josh was a competitive kickboxer who competed throughout the US and Canada. When he’s not hitting the heavy bag or hacking away with a large double-double at his side, you can find Josh walking his two large dogs, playing with his cat, or pretending that he can play guitar. 

Zan Talukder is a Telfer Finance grad and Knak’s new Financial Analyst. With experience in many industries ranging from start-up to real estate, Zan’s keen eye for detail helps him keep the books balanced and the numbers in line. 

Once every discrepancy has been resolved, Zan can be found boxing, staying up to date on the latest health and lifestyle trends, and tending to his mini garden. He’s also a willing gambling partner if the current UFC or boxing cards look intriguing. 

We’re glad to have both of these gentlemen on our team, and we appreciate the unique skill sets each of them brings to the table.

Tania Blake is Knak’s Marketing Manager, where she’s known for her strong attention to detail and unique ability to balance "process" with "getting stuff done". When she’s not juggling a million and one projects, you can find her cooking up a storm, doing yoga, or hanging out with her family.

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